Tuesday, December 13, 2011

RV tiling questions

Here are some of the common questions ask about RV tiling with these products.

Q = Does it add a lot of weight to my RV?

A = The process will add about 2.5 lbs per sq. ft. of tile installed. An entryway tile install of 15 sq. ft. would add about 37 1/2 lbs minus the weight of the materials you removed to get to the wooden floor.

Q = Will the grout crack or fall out?

A = The grout will not crack, dislodge or stain. R&R silicone rubber grout will expand, contract and flex with the movement of the RV. It's also a solid surface which prevents staining that occurs with conventional grout.

Q = I've never done tile work. Will I be able to install this tile?

A = This method of installing tile is extremely easy. Previous tiling experience can be detrimental. This method of tiling is so fast and easy it's difficult to believe it will work.

Q = Is this method of tiling something new that hasn't been tested?

A = I developed the flexible tiling procedure and the materials 30 years ago. A conservative estimate would be 50,000 tile jobs that have been done by factories, contractors and "Do It Yourself" people.

Q = How long will this tile install last?

A = It will probably outlast your RV. The tile installs done 30 years ago are still in great shape. None of the tiles are dislodged and the grout isn't stained.

Q = What type of surface can I tile over?

A = Almost any surface in your RV can be tiled with these materials. You can tile floors, walls, counter tops, showers, bathtubs, metal, wood and cheap paneling, but don't tile over carpet or fabrics.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

RV tiling

Hello, my name is Bob Ault. This article is for RV owners that have never done tile work. If you’ve done tile work, you need to forget everything you’ve learned. Your previous tiling knowledge could get you in trouble. I’ve been a tile contractor for 35 years. I pioneered the tiling of flexible surfaces. I’ve published articles and given demonstrations at trade shows.

Let’s start by reviewing everything you’ll need to install your tile.

1)   Caulking gun
2)   Paper towels
3)   Solvent, alcohol or acetone.
4)   Marking pencil
5)   Liquid dish soap
6)   A small container for water
7)   Inexpensive wet saw. I have one that I sell for $69.00 with free shipping.
8)   Safety glasses (For saw use).

We can supply the other 5 items you’ll need. You can purchase individual items or a complete kit that will contain the items listed below. All purchases are delivered to you door by UPS.

1)   Adhesive (R&R silicone adhesive)
2)   Grout (R&R silicone grout)
3)   Grout scrubbers
4)   Hard rubber grout float (Regular grout float will not work)
5)   Tile (Adhere to the suggestions below if you purchase your tile elsewhere.)

Now we come to the most important decision (Tile choice).
There are 2 things to be considered here, weight bearing or non weight bearing.

Non weight bearing would be counter tops, ledges, walls, back splashes etc. Almost any tile can be used here, but I don’t recommend tiles larger than 3X3 inches.

Weight bearing would be floors or shower pans. Large tiles require the installation of backer board. There are several companies that specialize in this type of install. We are going to discuss a system of tiling that can be installed over your existing wooden floor.

I recommend using tiles no larger than 2X2 inches. They should be hard bisque, unglazed and slip resistant. This will disperse the weight over several tiles enabling them to slightly flex without cracking.

The tiles should be adhered with R&R silicone rubber adhesive and grouted with R&R silicone rubber grout. These products have been specially formulated for tiling flexible surfaces.

I’m currently constructing a web site to display the items for sale, a “How to tile article” and a video showing how to use the products. The adhesive and grout are packaged in easy to use caulking tubes. Please check back here for updates.

I can be reached at this number 1-352-746-6115 between and eastern time Monday through Friday. You can also e-mail me at bob@flextile.com. My technical advise is always free to anyone.